Women Leading the Way in Brussels

12 990 HUF

ISBN 9780993454998

Women Leading the Way in Brussels brings together the stories of women leaders in the capital of Europe. These inspirational role models, who have "made it" in a variety of sectors, share their experiences, reflect on lessons learnt, and impart advice for the next generation of aspiring women leaders.


• The stories of 14 women leaders in Brussels, based on interviews.

• Facts & figures about women in decision-making in Europe.

• Advice and "dos and don'ts" for women leaders-to-be.

• How to develop more gender-inclusive organisations.

• Directory of groups which connect and support professional women in Brussels.


"A very welcome contribution that shows the leadership qualities of European women. It inspires women working in Brussels - and beyond." Kristalina Georgieva, Chief Executive Officer, The World Bank

"Women Leading the Way in Brussels offers a set of reflections by a remarkable collection of European leaders that women everywhere will want to read."

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