18 990 HUF

ISBN: 9781838089863

This new expanded and updated edition 2.0 is for all EU staff, at all levels, permanent, temporary or contract − and indeed anyone with ambitions to work in the EU sphere. It is supported by a free-to-use self-assessment app. With this book you will be able to:

  • Understand the EU 'core competencies' of analysis and problem solving, communicating, delivering quality and results, learning and development, prioritising and organising, resilience, working with others, and leadership and how they will affect your career
  • Assess your own strengths and weaknesses in each competency and create your own 'competency passport' and other valuable tools using the supporting free app
  • Learn how to improve your personal performance for greater job satisfaction, positive performance reviews and career success.
  • Benefit from new features on digital persuasion, teleworking and working in a multicultural environment
  • Access the hands-on experience of EU Training coach and trainer Jan De Sutter
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